Steven Gaffney




Across all of our counseling and therapy services you can always expect the foundation of ORCA*:

Openness: We will be impacted by and receive what clients give.
Respect: We see and respond to every person as a unique and valuable creation.
Curiosity: We will wonder and reflect about peoples lives without immediately trying to fix them.
Accountability: We strive to take responsibility for social power within relationships and take ownership for our behavior.

We accept all major credit cards including most Medical/Health Saving Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.
Unfortunately at we are not able to accept any insurance for coverage - clients are responsible for all fees.  We encourage you to check with your insurance provider as they may reimburse you for a portion of what you have spent.  If you have confirmed that they will reimburse, we are happy to provide Courtesy Billing.  Once you enter all of the correct insurance information into the client portal, we can submit the claims to most insurance companies or are able to provide documentation of services for you to submit.  Contact your insurance provider and ask about Out-of-Network reimbursements. 



Family Counseling

Steven is passionate about healthy families and loves working with the whole family. A healthy functioning family is a continual changing process. Kids and families go through different stages which bring new challenges.

When there is conflict in a family it is usually not one person who is responsible, although one person is often identified as the problem. Families who are able to come together to work on issues have the best chance of achieving a healthy family. Steven helps to identify and build on specific strengths within your family. Every family is different, so family therapy will look different for each family.

There is no additional charge for having two or more people in sessions. Having the whole family in session can help illuminate the way the family system works. Although having the whole family is ideal, often it is beneficial to have a session with one or two family members.

Family sessions are $150 per session.   Sessions are about an hour.      Schedule an Appointment



Behavioral issues, fighting, problems in school, withdrawal: there are many reasons why raising children is not for the faint of heart.

There is more than one “right way” to parent. Parents with various parenting styles raise happy and healthy children, however, there are aspects common to successful parenting styles. Steven will help identify and build on strengths, and cater the parenting support to each family.

If there is more than one parent, it is best to have some of the sessions with both, or all of those taking the parenting roles.

Parenting sessions are $120 per session.  Sessions are about an hour.   Schedule an Appointment


Individual Counseling

Anxiety, depression, life transitions, loss, trauma, or just feeling stuck; Steven feels privileged to be able to help. Based on your specific situation and goals, he will customize a therapy for you.

Individual therapy is a very personal experience, not every counselor is a good fit for every client. We usually start with an initial 10-20 minute phone consultation so Steven can learn more about your situation and you can interact with him and ask any questions.  When regular sessions start, Steven will check-in periodically to see if you feel like it’s the right fit and therapy seems to be going in the right direction. If it’s not a good fit, for any reason, Steven is happy to work with you to find the right therapist for you.

Individual sessions are $120 per session.  Sessions last about an hour.    Schedule an Appointment



There is so much potential in a couple relationship, positive and negative! Here are some areas where Steven can help:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • A single issue that seems to continue to come up
  • Salvaging a broken relationship
  • Making a great relationship even better

Steven will draw from Gottman, EFT, SFBT, Prepare and Enrich, Adlerian psychology and others to help your relationship.

Couples work is $150 per session.  Pre-marital is discounted to $120 per session.  Sessions are about an hour.  Schedule an Appointment


Life Coach

Sometimes we need a new perspective on a specific situation or on our entire direction in our personal or professional life can be all we need to get to that next level.  It may be just reflecting back to you what you're thinking or helping build new strategies.  Steven would love to partner with you.

Life Coaching sessions are $120 per session.  Sessions are about an hour.  Schedule an Appointment

Business Management Consulting

If your small business, church or your department is struggling with poor morale, frequent employee turnover, low productivity, Steven will work with you to to improve each of these ares.  As much as Steven loves people, and he also enjoys seeing business work well and succeed. Using principles from research in Personality and Social psychology, Industrial and Organizational psychology, and Business team building, he will work with you and perhaps your organization to make the most of the resources you have.

Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Call, text or email to set up a consultation.

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*From the Marriage and Family Therapy department at Seattle Pacific University -