Steven Gaffney



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Families, Couples, and Individuals

Steven Gaffney


Steven’s genuine love and concern are felt when you first meet him. He has a passion for healthy, happy families and loves working with tweens, teens, couples, families, as well as adults of all ages. Steven’s laid-back and caring demeanor combined with humor help individuals from a wide age range and diverse background connect with him. Trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Steven embraces the systems theory perspective that everyone is better understood in the context of their history, families, friends, work, school, biology, and spirituality. Steven comes from a Christian worldview, but believes that issues must be viewed from the client’s worldview to be effective. While genuinely respectful and empathetic, he uses his training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help individuals discover and build on existing strengths and strategies.


Services Offered



We believe that families are the foundation for the rest of our lives. If you are wanting to strengthen your already strong family or to repair a broken family that is really broken, we will help.



The couple relationship can bring the highest support, security, love, friendship, fulfillment… and it can bring the most frustration and hurt. We are here to help.



Life is hard. If it’s being stuck, significant transitions, anxiety, depression, or just some support, we help every stage of life, as young as teens and tweens.

Providing Counseling During Coronavirus Crisis